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Why do patients request a mastopexy?
Patients normally want a mastopexy because their breasts have become saggy. This causes both psychological and physical problems. The psychological problems relate to the appearance of the breast that the patient does not like. Physical problems relate to the sagginess of the breasts, irritation beneath the breasts and difficulty in finding bras that fit adequately. The droopiness of the breasts can also be associated with a loss of volume particularly after childbirth of massive weight loss.

Are there any reasons not to have a mastopexy?
Mastopexy is a significant operation that rearranges the breast tissue whilst decreasing the skin overlying the breast. Smoking and certain medications are contraindications to surgery as are some long term illnesses. The options regarding these can be discussed with the surgeon.

What does the operation involve?
The operation involves removing the skin of the breast and rearranging the breast tissues so that it sits higher on the chest wall. The result of the operation is to leave a scar around the nipple and, depending on the method used, a vertical scar running down the breast or an inverted T shaped scar. The type of scar will be discussed with you by the surgeon. The operation lifts the breast upwards to give a more youthful appearance.

If there has been a loss in volume of the breast an implant can be inserted behind the breast tissue to give the breast more volume.

Before the operation a series of measurements are made and markings made on the breast as guidelines for the surgeon performing the operation.

What you need to know

How long does the operation take?
The operation is performed under a general anaesthetic and takes from 2.5 to 4 hours to perform depending on the technique used and whether implants are used or not..

How long am I in hospital?
The patient is normally in hospital 1 night but occasionally if drains are used after the operation a 2 night stay can be required.

What happens when I go home?
The patient is discharged from hospital following mastopexy surgery wearing a tight fitting support bra. This remains in place for two weeks and is only removed for bathing. After two weeks patients can wear the bra just during the day and are able to wear normal bras after around 4 weeks. Patients are seen 2 weeks after the operation and at 3 months.

How long do I need of work?
The period of time that patients take off work depends on the individual but patients are back to completely normal activities after 4-6 weeks.

Will the operation need redoing in the future?

It is unlikely that the operation will require repeating but asymmetry can arise after the operation which may need correcting. Drooping of the lower part of the breast can occur which may need correction as can an insufficient correction.

What are the risks and complications of the operation?

  • The commonest complication of surgery is bleeding and haematoma formation
  • Scars normally heal very well but can become thickened and lumpy
  • Wounds can breakdown and small areas of skin can be lost
  • The blood supply to the nipple can be altered and lead to the nipple dying (very rare)
  • Fat necrosis where the blood supply to the fat is changed can also occur
  • Pain post operatively and changes in nipple sensation
  • Breast mastopexy surgery can occasionally stop breast feeding, and does not cause breast cancer
  • Asymmetry.