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Breast Augmentation

Why do patients request a breast augmentation?
Women request breast augmentation to enhance the appearance of their breasts, normally to make them bigger. There are 3 reasons as to why women have small breasts: the breasts have not developed to a size that the patients wishes, the breasts have lost volume or the breasts are different sizes and the desire is to correct asymmetry.

Are there any reasons not to have breast augmentation?
There no absolute reasons not to have breast augmentation surgery.

What does the operation involve?
The operation involves making an incision in the skin to enable a breast prosthesis to be inserted either directly behind the breast tissue or behind the muscles of the chest wall. The position of the incision and the resulting scar depends on your choice following discussion with your surgeon. The most common position for the scar is in the fold between the chest wall and the breast (inframammary) but the operation can be performed using incisions around the nipple (periareolar) and in the armpit (transaxillary).

The type and shape of implant can vary. Implants contain either silicone gel or saline, can be round or anatomically shaped. The best option for the patient will be discussed with the surgeon.

The size of the implant will also be discussed with the patient following an examination where a series of measurements are made.

What you need to know

How long does the operation take?
The operation is normally performed under a general anaesthetic and takes approximately 1-2 hours to perform.

How long am I in hospital?
Patients normally stay in hospital overnight but can be done as a daycase.

What happens when I go home?
The patient is discharged from hospital following breast augmentation surgery wearng a tight fitting support bra. This remains in place for two weeks and is only removed for bathing. After two weeks patient can wear the bra just during the day and are able to wear normal bras after around 4 weeks. Patients are seen 2 weeks after the operation and at 3 months.

How long do I need off work?
The period of time that patients take off work depends on the individual but patients ae back to completely normal activities after 4-6 weeks.

Will the operation need revising in the future?
Breast augmentation may need repeating for a number of reasons. The implants can leak or rupture, cause pain, change position and patients can develop capsular contracture, which is hard scar tissue developing around the implant. Very occasionally, if the patient is not satisfied with the size or symmetry of the breasts, the operation will need revising.

What are the risks and complications of the operation?

  • The commonest complication of surgery is bleeding and haematoma formatiom.
  • Implants can be come infected as can the wounds.
  • Scars normally heal very well but can become thickened
  • Implants can leak, rupture and wrinkle.
  • Adverse capsular contracture (hard scarring around the implant) occurs in approximately 10% of patients.
  • Pain post operatively and changes in nipple sensation.
  • With Breast Augmentation there is no increased risk of breast cancer or auto-immune type diseases. Implants do not stop breast feeding, nor do they cause aches pains or skin rashes.
  • Breast implants stop X-rays and can interfere with mammograms.
  • Asymmetry